In the heart of Alentejo

I was really flashed from the fantastic and amazing place in Lameira. Peaceful, quite. It reminds me to the Outback in Australia, and if I would see a Kangaroo hoping by, it wouldn’t make me surprised.

After many hours of flights among the fantastic mountains in the north, the Nationalpark Penedes de Geres, Viseu and on the Sierra do Estrella, we really need to take a rest to reload our batteries.

And we found the perfect place fort he that. The Rural Hotel at Lameira with his little airstrip. Nothing in here reminds me to a Hotel. You don’t need a key for your rooms, don’t need to be nice dressed fort he dinner, just come as you are and be there.

The Living room, dominated of some nice huge couch Island, with dark wooden tables.

on the eastern side of the room was Grandma knitting, on the other side Maria, the grandchild watching television, here is where you feel at home. During the day you can swim in the warm lake, lay down at the pool and just relaxed. During the sunset the sun dip the landscape in warm colours, invitations to a long hike around the lake or in the bush. Watching birds swarm flying from one cork three to the next.

Lucia and Claudia, the two nice sisters have taken over the business from his parents, who build it up with his hands. But still they are participating in the hunters cottage the lunch. As we was going to our plane to start a flight to Lisboa, we straying by and was wondering about what we found here. During the week, many persons sitting on one long table enjoying there meal, which you can not chose there are served on plate for all, starts someone taken his guitar and raised some Fado. Everyone who felt like, stands up and song lyrics. I could see the emotionally overtaken of the singers, every word was coming out from the soul, from the heart, and deeply swept over to the listening people.

As I told you, you can not chose, if you are here you are in:

In the heart of Alentejo!

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